June’s Third Friday

For this summer I wanted to be a part of the art community that was bigger than just the art department at my university. When I began looking for internships I came across 4Art Inc. Gallery and read the website. I found this gallery and Robin to be different because of the testimonials of the previous interns and her written statement to want to share her knowledge. The Zhou B. Art Center is an amazing building with such creative talent and 4Art is no exception. On first coming to the gallery I was in ah when no one was around. However the 3rd Friday open event gave me a new experience that I truly enjoyed. The Zhou B. Art Center lit up and opened its doors to potential customers and enthusiasts to see amazing art and learn more from the artists themselves.

Naturally, starting out I timid to say the least but then I realized that the purpose of the open hours was for conversation and the exchanging of ideas and experiences. I applied for this internship with this purpose in mind. Throughout the night, the artists that were showcased in the 4Art gallery space were very polite and easygoing. The wide spectrum of conversations between the artists and I went from suburban life to discovering your wants from being an artist. I had been given invaluable advice that I know will serve me well going into my senior year of school. The process is just as interesting as the finished product if not more, and learning that these established artists changed their minds so much or how they got their inspirations was so intriguing. I’m truly thankful to have such an opportunity to intern for an artist of Robin’s caliber and meet other amazing and down-to-earth people.

Myia Brown, Intern 

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May’s Third Friday

We had a lot to do this month and looking at the big picture we had to take it a day at a time. Lucky for us the chemistry of all the artwork this rotation was breath of fresh air. The colors were similar but each piece was very different so when it was all done it was a funky and cohesive show.

The day of May’s Third Friday was very relaxed. During the day I went to my first Chicago sports game, The Cubs. (They lost.) Then I made my way over to the gallery, leveled the artwork and did one last inspection. It looked so good this month. Just before the show started I met the new intern, Marisol. She is a student at University of Illinois and majoring in art history, and she was lovely. Her and I met a few of the artists and one that stood out was Georgia Velisaris, who enjoys Chicago architecture in her mixed media pieces. We found out we went to the same college, North Central College, in Naperville and we just clicked.

This was my last Third Friday event and I think it was very successful. I spoke to art viewers and artists, and I felt, formed a better connection.

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Time Flies

The month of May was a whirlwind with a to do list and somehow we managed to get it all done. Robin spoke at a high school in Lincolnshire about her experience as an artist, we prepared for our monthly 3rd Friday show, and we set up a booth at Art Girls Pop-Up Show in Ravenswood. With these tasks the month has seemed to fly by and even with the fast pace I feel like I have learned more than I did in March or April. 

The first order of business was attending the artist’s talk at a Lincolnshire high school. The students were a mixture of ages but all were in photography class, which was right up Robin’s alley. She spoke to two groups of photography students and they all seemed very engaged. I think the class and staff really appreciated that Robin saw them as equals, as artists. She didn’t talk down to them but passed on her knowledge and experiences in the art industry. 

After this event we had to come right back to the gallery to make a dent in our cleaning and hanging. We had only a moment of down time, where we enjoyed our unauthentic sweet tea from Burger King then went right back to work. The arrangement of artwork this rotation was much easier to work with, the colors and textures flowed and the artists seemed to be on their creative game this time around. We worked mostly with color of the artwork, we moved pieces around to see which colors looked best together, then we hung the show. After it was complete, Robin and I sat down and took a deep breathe. Two things down, one to go. 

The next day we went to Art Girls Pop-Up Show in Ravenswood. I made the mistake of looking at last year’s event address and got a little lost, like 9 blocks lost. Eventually I made it and we were set up much before anyone else. I perused the other booths and loved how unique and creative every female artist was, and all the booths were so well merchandised. The event goers were very conversational people of all ages, and they really just liked to talk about art. Robin was totally in her element. 

Annie Dipert, Intern

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Join a group of talented Chicago artists at 4 Art Inc. Gallery located on the 4th floor or the internationally renowned Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport. 4 Art Inc. prides itself off of creating a positive and inviting atmosphere for artists to showcase their work. The gallery participates in the Zhou B Art Center’s 3rd Friday events from 6:00-10:00 pm, and 4 Art Inc. brings in a lot of viewers who explore the lighthearted ambiance and complex artwork of our collective artists.


APPLICATION http://www.4artinc.com/4ArtApplication.pdf

ROBIN RIOS, OWNER rrios@4artinc.com

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Getting to Know the Artists

April’s 3rd Friday

4 Art’s 3rd Friday was, yet, another success. Young and old creatives travelled from all over the city to come to the center’s monthly 3rd Friday event and they seemed very impressed with the atmosphere of the gallery.

Speaking With The Artists

All the artists from the last show returned to show their work in April’s 3rd Friday. This time I knew more information about them and their work and we reconnected. Three artists really caught my attention at this show, John Smith, Joseph Kayne, and Zac Lowing. All of them dabbled photography, and very uniquely. Smith uses Photoshop to collage cosmic images, women, and machinery into beautiful, eye-catching pieces printed on vinyl. Kayne, captures beauty in graffiti, something many relate to delinquency. He goes into cities and finds these hidden gems before they are painted over. Lastly, Lowing uses his Samsung camera photo to capture vivid images of Chicago’s charm. I honestly could not believe it when he told me that his images were captured on a phone, simply amazing.  

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Down to Earth Atmosphere


After moving from Northern Michigan to Naperville, I felt like I needed to go out of my bubble even more. When I found out my college offered a ‘study abroad’ program in Chicago, I began looking for internships. I knew I wanted to work in a gallery so I ‘googled’ gallery internships in Chicago and 4Art was the first to come up. I read further into 4Art’s webpage and felt the unified ambience the website kept highlighting in it’s information. I immediately contacted the owner Robin Rios, and set up an interview. I have only been interning with 4Art and living in the city for 2 weeks. I already know it has been a life improving experience.

Last “3rd Friday” I met the artists at 4Art, and they are all so warm and inviting. They are all experienced artists, but when speaking with them the conversations weren’t one-sided. One-sided conversations are what I often find to be had the art world, a sense of entitlement to the very broad and accepting subject of art. They were all very down to earth and interested in why I chose 4Art for my internship, where I went to school, if I was an artist, etc. 

Yesterday afternoon I came into the gallery expecting to be put to work, but instead I sat and talked with Robin for 2 hours about everything; art, life, morals, etc. She is a very easy person to respect, because she sees me as an equal.  She aspires for the gallery to benefit me and also aspires for me to benefit the gallery. I look forward to the rest of my time with 4Art and it has been an excellent first couple of weeks. 

Annie Dipert, Intern 

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A Reason to Walk Out the Door This Winter

There’s a vibe throughout the hallways that’s unmatched here at the Zhou B. Art Center, and more specifically the 4Art Gallery. It’s almost as if Pharrell Williams had a baby with Van Gogh, and the building on 35th street was their love child. It’s very hip. Needless to say, every third Friday of the month, the art center opens its doors to the public. This past Friday was no exception and definitely offered an escape to those who have been hiding indoors under many layers of clothing during this abnormally cold, Chicago winter. The bar may have also helped.

The 4Art Gallery, home to an ever-changing collection, was my home base for the night. Surrounded by killer abstract and figure paintings, sculpture works, and photography compositions, droves of people steadily poured in. I found myself in the midst of a fantastically eclectic array of individuals and engaging in many conversations. For instance, I found that the sweet Christine Winquist became worried that viewers would not understand her tedious process of building a sculpture out of cardboard, and then painting the object in variations of white and gray. I assured her that I felt it made sense. Another exhibiting artist that caught my eye was found object extraordinaire, Keri Colestock. From her funky wardrobe and the feathers in her hair to her open-book personality, I could see the woman reflected in the work hanging upon the walls. She oddly reminded me of my mother, with her zealous attitude and razzle dazzle accessories. Paul Pinzarrone is another artist that I talked to during the night. I was fascinated by his explosion of digital imagery, and even more so as he explained their complexity.

The night went on with more people trickling into the space, as I carried on a conversation with inquiring art connoisseurs. Most times directing them to, artist and gallery owner, Robin Monique Rios. Overall, I would say that my first 3rd Friday as a new intern was a huge success. I started to envelop myself within the environment, and felt cool to be part of the edgy art world that I longed for. I met many different people from all walks of the earth, and enjoyed every second of it. If a packed building full of inspired individuals doesn’t rev your artistic engine, then the pieces on display will draw you into this creative environment alone. I am definitely looking forward to next month.           

Rachel Gonzales 




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