Artists Resources

There is so much information available to artist on the internet, but here are a few helpful sites I personally like.  Stay Tuned as I will continually be adding new links.


Artist A Day


Art Review

Chicago Artist Resource

Chicago Gallery News

Eric Rhodes Artist Marketing Blog

Fine Art America

Xanadu Gallery

Artist Statements, Artist Bios, and CV:

How To…

Artist Statements:

“How To Write An Artists Statement That Doesn’t Suck”   By Hannah Piper Burns

–        Have your first line stand out from the ‘pack’.

–        Less is more.

–        Unique word choice.

–        The words should match your work.

–        Have another artist look over your statement.

“The ‘Anti-Artist-Statement’ Statement”   By Iris Jaffe

–        Gives you a list statement types the artists tend to lean too.

–        Tells you what is wrong with them, and ways to improve.

“6 Tips For Writing an Artists Statement”   By Chris Folsom’s-statement/

–        Start with the basics.

–        Don’t get too technical.

–        Word choice.

–        Share your background.

–        Don’t pat yourself on the back too much.

“More On Artists Statements”   By Art Book Guy

–        Use your literacy and education to spruce up your vocabulary.

–        It is a defining piece of literature that shows what you are about as an artist.

Artists Biographies:

“Artist Bio Examples” By ICA

–        Examples of different approaches to an artist biography.

“Artist Bio vs. Artist Statement” By Alyson Stanfield

–        Difference between the two works.

–        Links to other helpful resources.“How to Write an Effective Artist Biography” by JOHN R. MATH

–        This site is pretty comprehensive and has a lot of resources.

Artists CV:

“Artist CV Examples” By College Art Association

“How to write and artist CV in ten steps” by the Practical art world


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