Saturday, 07.04.2015

Thoughts on the immediate future: I would like to start working in the art field as soon as possible. Most of my past jobs were in the food industry, and I am making a promise to myself right now to get out of it. When I return to Daytona, I want to start focusing on my art. I want to try selling some sculptural designs I came up with in class. Also, I want to find out how to obtain a permit so I can start selling art on the beach. Originally I wanted to sell my own art, but my dad suggested I sell other’s art as well. I think this would be great practice for planning my future gallery. If all fails, then at least I’m still young and just experimenting.

Patricia Singer, Intern. 


About 4artincgallery

Owner/Director/Artist, 4Art Inc Gallery since 2003. Now located on the 4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center 1029 West 35th Street, Chicago. 4Art is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday from 11-5, call for appointment 773-254-5100 / /
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