Thursday, 05.14.2015

Today marked the beginning of my internship at 4Art inc. Gallery in Chicago. My newly found mentor, Robin, asked me what I would like to achieve. I guess I would like to achieve finding the loophole to real life.

I would like to achieve doing what I love everyday. I want to look forward to going to work. I don’t want to be stuffed in a cubicle or a pair of waitress shoes. I want to go outside when I please, and be inspired by the sky. (Have you ever seen a sunset? Have you seen orange clouds roll swift, warm over the rose sky? Like petals she falls into my heart.) I want to melt into a puddle of paint. I want to stick to the bottom of your shoes.

I want to talk about art all day! Just talk about art like it’s the most important thing in the whole damn world. (Serious as a heart attack.)

I can’t wait for tomorrow. I can’t wait to just talk about melting into clay.

My first day at the gallery was laid back. Third Friday is tomorrow, so Robin already had everything set up. This gave me the time to look around the Zhou B Art Center and to get to know Robin. We talked about our objective as a gallery. Our goal is to connect the artist to the viewer. Not to push, or sell, but to notice when there is a connection, and to bridge the gap. There is no point to sell. A piece will resonate with the viewer, or it won’t. You’ll carry it to all the places you’ll stay, or you’ll see it for a second and pass (as the seasons, as the flu) right by it. Like my boyfriend Nicolas’s Francois that he saved from an unworthy owner versus that painting of saw grass you slept under in a Motel 8 and never even noticed.

I am glad to have Robin as a mentor. She radiates positive energy, despite her doubt in 21st century artists. Passion pours from her pores, and our conversations inspire me to create. I have a feeling that she will teach me a lot this summer.IMG_9052

Patricia Singer, Intern.


About 4artincgallery

Owner/Director/Artist, 4Art Inc Gallery since 2003. Now located on the 4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center 1029 West 35th Street, Chicago. 4Art is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday from 11-5, call for appointment 773-254-5100 / /
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