Saturday, 05.16.15

I went into the gallery at noon. I was hoping to catch a client coming in for framing that day, but unfortunately they came early. On the brighter side of things, I walked into an interview with Robin. I was glad to hear someone else pick her brain. The lady interviewing Robin was a kind blogger named Kristin O. The interview felt very organic and flowed smoothly. I walked in when Kristin was inquiring about getting a space for a gallery. Perfect. I learned that the first thing one should know when trying to open a business is their budget. Know your budget and name it. Be in charge of your business. Robin gave a quick overview of what it is like to get a loan for your business. It is great information to have, but I feel that by the time I’m ready to start my own business I will need a more in-depth explanation. I learned that an investor will sponsor your business, but I’ll need collateral. If I make all my payments on time, then a bank will take over. That will give me a chance to build my credit. Robin told the interviewer that she had to max out many credit cards to start up her business, and that I should be expecting to be paying off the credit cards for years. Business exceeds rent, and there are many successful galleries, but a lot of what I make will go to paying off credit card debt. It’s the sad truth, but it is in no way a deal breaker for me.

The topic moved from opening a gallery to Robin’s own art. She is an honest artist who does art because she is dedicated and passionate. Her and I can agree that art without passion is nothing but a lie. She stresses the importance of originality and never deceiving your viewer. There are no new techniques, but there are new concepts and visions born everyday.

Kristin O. left and Robin and I turned our attention to the framing order. I quickly learned that framing is a delicate process. Robin began by sampling different mats to put around the pieces. The mat should match the piece, or compliment it. Always talk to the customer about what type of mat they want, but usually they will be looking for your guidance.

So the framing for the day came to a halt. I was a little disappointed. I’m ready to observe a framing and eventually frame on my own, but I must be patient. These things can’t be rushed you know.

Patricia Singer, Intern.


About 4artincgallery

Owner/Director/Artist, 4Art Inc Gallery since 2003. Now located on the 4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center 1029 West 35th Street, Chicago. 4Art is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday from 11-5, call for appointment 773-254-5100 / /
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