Time Flies

The month of May was a whirlwind with a to do list and somehow we managed to get it all done. Robin spoke at a high school in Lincolnshire about her experience as an artist, we prepared for our monthly 3rd Friday show, and we set up a booth at Art Girls Pop-Up Show in Ravenswood. With these tasks the month has seemed to fly by and even with the fast pace I feel like I have learned more than I did in March or April. 

The first order of business was attending the artist’s talk at a Lincolnshire high school. The students were a mixture of ages but all were in photography class, which was right up Robin’s alley. She spoke to two groups of photography students and they all seemed very engaged. I think the class and staff really appreciated that Robin saw them as equals, as artists. She didn’t talk down to them but passed on her knowledge and experiences in the art industry. 

After this event we had to come right back to the gallery to make a dent in our cleaning and hanging. We had only a moment of down time, where we enjoyed our unauthentic sweet tea from Burger King then went right back to work. The arrangement of artwork this rotation was much easier to work with, the colors and textures flowed and the artists seemed to be on their creative game this time around. We worked mostly with color of the artwork, we moved pieces around to see which colors looked best together, then we hung the show. After it was complete, Robin and I sat down and took a deep breathe. Two things down, one to go. 

The next day we went to Art Girls Pop-Up Show in Ravenswood. I made the mistake of looking at last year’s event address and got a little lost, like 9 blocks lost. Eventually I made it and we were set up much before anyone else. I perused the other booths and loved how unique and creative every female artist was, and all the booths were so well merchandised. The event goers were very conversational people of all ages, and they really just liked to talk about art. Robin was totally in her element. 

Annie Dipert, Intern


About 4artincgallery

Owner/Director/Artist, 4Art Inc Gallery since 2003. Now located on the 4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center 1029 West 35th Street, Chicago. 4Art is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday from 11-5, call for appointment 773-254-5100 / rrios@4artinc.com / www.4artinc.com
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